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Mykonos is the Greek island that every traveller —and every party animal— should visit at least once in their lifetime. Why? Because it ticks off all the boxes of traits that everyone wants their travel destination to be described as; rich history, adventures in nature, sunny weather, beautiful beaches, iconic parties that last all day and all night, amazing food and excellent accommodation. In order to take advantage of all those cool opportunities that you get to do on the island, you need to book a reliable car with KSK RENT A CAR. This way you can safely go to every single spot on your must-visit list, right from the moment you get off the ferry and set foot on Mykonos.

Why rent a car with us at Mykonos Port?

Our Cars

We bet that one of the facts that you already know about Mykonos is that it is a cosmopolitan and fancy island that many celebrities and sea-lovers visit often. Mykonos is the perfect island to be a little wild and rent a car that you’ve always wanted to drive but has not met your everyday needs. For instance, this can be your chance to drive a premium car like Mercedes A-160 for a few days. To be a bit more clear, whether you are on a budget or not, whether you want to rent a small, medium or large car, you get to choose one from the wide selection of the KSK RENT A CAR fleet, which consists of the latest models that brands have released. In other words, you get to rent and drive modern cars in excellent condition at competitive prices. 

Our Location

One of the most frequent requests we get is to change the pickup location for the car. To be more precise, our office is right next to Mykonos Airport. This location was strategically chosen because the majority of visitors enter the island by plane. Thus, once they land, they can receive their car right away. However, there are some people who come in by ship, meaning that it is more convenient for them to pick it up from the port. Well, if you belong to this minority, you should let our team know about it, and a colleague of ours will deliver the car you’ve booked to the island’s port at the date and time that suits you best. 

Our Customer Service

Besides our brand new cars, our team makes us stand out from the competition. Everything we do revolves around our wish to ensure that our clients have the time of their lives in Mykonos. How do we do that? We pay extra attention to each and every car of ours by conducting thorough safety inspections frequently. In addition to that, we encourage our clients to contact us whenever they have a question, a concern or a request, concerning their car rental, even after business hours. 

Where is Mykonos Port?

Mykonos consists of two ports; the old port and the new port. The old port is in the capital city of the island, Chora. The area there is always busy since it not only offers a stunning view of the Aegean Sea but also is located next to all kinds of excellent cafes, restaurants and clubs. Despite its name, the old port had been the main port of the island for about only 15 years before the new one replaced it. Why did the local authorities have a new port constructed? Because the old one could not accommodate the soaring number of tourists that have been visiting the island. It should be noted that you should go for a walk at the old port because several exciting daily cruises are offered.


What about the new port? It is located in Tourlos, a small village only 2 kilometres away from Chora, and now this is the main port of the island. Thus, when people refer to the port of Mykonos, they mean the new one. If you want to enter or exit Mykonos by ship, you will need to go to Tourlos. This entails that the area is usually busy with tourists. There is a great variety of coffee shops, taverns and hotels targeting people who are about to either begin, continue or finish their holidays.

How can you get to and from the port?


Once you reach the port, you will find a bus station on your left. There is a bus that arrives at the station every 30 minutes and it takes you to Chora, and consequently to the old port. Although it might get a bit too crowded on the bus, especially since passengers usually have huge or multiple suitcases with them, this is the cheapest option to get about in Mykonos. 


If you do not want to wait for a bus only to struggle to enter with your luggage and fight for a seat, you can take a taxi. There are taxi ranks in all the central places of the island, including the new port. Not only will you be able to travel to your accommodation in a comfortable manner but also you do not have to worry about instructions and finding your way as all taxi drivers can take you wherever you ask them. You have to keep in mind however that taxi fares are expensive. The number of suitcases and the time of day you take the taxi contribute to the total amount you will be asked to pay at the end of the ride. 

Car Rental

The most convenient and cheapest option is to rent a car. You can book a car that suits your budget and your preferences with KSK RENT A CAR online so that you don’t worry about unexpected or outrageous charges. Additionally, all the roads and motorways in the island are in excellent condition, so you can be sure that you will be safe driving in Mykonos. Of course, getting lost is a slight possibility because all road signs are written in English.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Mykonos Port or renting a car in Mykonos? Maybe you will find the answers you are looking for below!

What are the chances of my ferry arriving at the old port?

There is an extremely slim chance of your ferry arriving at the old port. Only occasional ferry arrivals have been made there. Almost all passenger ferries have been arriving at the new port ever since it opened.

How far is the new port from the KSK RENT A CAR office?

Our office is at Mykonos, Airport 84600. The new port is not far from our office, and consequently from the airport; it takes about a 13-minute drive to get from the new port to our office.

Can I receive the car I’ve rented at the new port?

The KSK RENT A CAR office is at Mykonos Airport. If it is not convenient for you to come by our office, you should let our team know and we can deliver your car to the new port at a time of your choosing.

My ferry arrives in Mykonos at midnight. Can I receive the car I’ve rented then?

As long as you inform the KSK RENT A CAR team about your request in advance, our colleagues can deliver your car to you even after business hours.

How far is the new port from Chora?

The distance between the new port in Tourlos and Chora is about 4 km, meaning that it takes about a 10-minute drive.

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