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Are you planning the best summer holidays in Mykonos? Have you just landed in Mykonos, and you are looking for a reliable vehicle to get to your hotel or to the city centre? Let’s be honest, renting a car is the most convenient and time-saving transportation option so that you can get around and get to know the whole island. And you are in luck because we are experts in providing travellers with the best vehicles. All you need to do is browse our exquisite KSK RENT A CAR fleet, and find the car of your dreams. At our competitive prices, you can drive a modern car that matches your needs and preferences.

Why rent a car with us at Mykonos Airport?

Our Location

Imagine this scenario; You have just landed from a long flight on the majestic island of Mykonos. However, all you can think about for now is how to find a vehicle to get you to your hotel, where you can have a relaxing bath, lie in a comfortable bed and rest for a while so that you have the energy to go out later and start exploring the island. KSK RENT A CAR makes everything simple as our office is right next to Mykonos Airport. Book one of our premium cars online in advance, and once you land you will only need to walk a few metres to get to our office and start using the car you’ve rented.

What if our office at the airport is not a convenient place for you? No worries. Let us know, and we will find a location that suits you. We can bring you the car you loved and rented anywhere on the island.

Our Cars

In KSK RENT A CAR, we are proud of our wide range of excellent cars. Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island which is famous for its luxurious and high-end services. In such a place, you can guiltlessly indulge in a fancy lifestyle even for a few days. KSK RENT A CAR helps with that as tourists get to choose a rental car from a wide selection of the latest models of all the car brands at competitive prices. Our fleet consists of small, medium, big, super cars and minibuses so that everyone can find a vehicle that matches their needs.

Besides offering impressively modern cars to our clients, safety is a priority for us. You will see for yourself that all our cars are in excellent condition, as they are all brand new with no scratches. Additionally, we frequently conduct technical and safety inspections to all of them in order to ensure that they are fit to be rented.

Our Customer Service

The reason why so many travellers choose KSK RENT A CAR for their car rental needs is because they trust us. Our customer service team is always by their side to help with any kind of issue that comes up. And when we say always, we mean it. If you land on the island too late or too early in the day but you need a car, we can deliver one to you after business hours. If you have any questions or requests, you can contact us 24/7. We are genuinely interested in making tourists feel at home in Mykonos.

Where is Mykonos Airport?

Unlike other airports, Mykonos Airport is close to the capital town, Chora; about 4 kilometres away. In other words, it takes only about 10 minutes to get from the airport to Chora and vice versa. Chora is in the western part of the island.

What can you do in Mykonos Airport?

Many travellers choose to enter the island by plane as they know that the experience will be pleasant. There are many direct flights from metropolises around the world, like London and Paris, to Mykonos. Once inside the Mykonos Airport, you can grab something to drink or eat at the excellent cafes and restaurants or go for a shopping spree as you will find whatever your heart desires there. If you are going on a private flight, you can use the private flight lounge area, where you can enjoy a refreshment and reach your aircraft much faster and less effortlessly.

How can you get to and from Mykonos Airport?


There is a public bus stop sign in front of the terminal building, where public buses stop to let people get to the airport and take new passengers to the town. You can buy bus tickets from the bus driver. There is usually one route from Chora to Mykonos Airport and vice versa. In summer, a few more routes from other regions of the island to the airport are added.


If you want to be sure that you will get to the airport fast and comfortably, you should take a taxi. It might be more expensive than using public transport, but you don’t have to stress yourself with timetables and busy buses.

Car Rental

All provincial roads and motorways that connect the airport to Chora and other areas of the island are in excellent condition and easy to follow. The office of KSK RENT A CAR is so close to the airport that you can return the car that you have rented before your flight and walk a few metres in order to enter the airport. Of course, there is a safe parking area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Mykonos Airport or renting a car in Mykonos? Maybe you will find the answers you are looking for below!

Where exactly is KSK RENT A CAR?

Our address is Mykonos, Airport 84600. Once you exit the airport facilities, you will find our office.

I cannot come to the airport. Can we arrange a different meeting point to pick up the car?

After letting the KSK RENT A CAR team know that coming to our office is inconvenient for you, we can arrange a different pickup location, and one of our colleagues will deliver the car you’ve rented there.

My flight lands at midnight. Can I receive the car I’ve rented then?

You have to inform your car rental agency about it. The KSK RENT A CAR team can work after business hours if they have been informed and have agreed to such terms with clients.

How far is Mykonos Airport from Chora?

The total distance is about 4 kilometres. It usually takes about 10 minutes to get from the airport to the capital town, Chora. In summer, when the island has a lot of visitors, it might take longer.

What’s the best car for getting about Mykonos?

There is no correct answer; all types of cars can easily be used to help you safely explore the whole island.

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